Boarding Facilities (Coming Soon In Next Session 2019-20)

A boarding school in which most or all the students live during the part of the year that they go to lessons. The word boarding is used in the sense of “Bed and Board”that is, Lodging and Meals.


The child will attend the school from 8 to 4 and boards back to home. They travel between home and school Every day.
The child is always within view and is exposed to all kinds of information, entertainment and awareness and remains under parent’s guidance and observation. They are call Day Pupils.


School allows students who board during the week but go home on weekends, these are known as weekly boarders or quasi-boarders or Five-day Boarders.
During their stay weekly, includes study bedrooms or dormitories, a dining room where pupils take meals. They are assisted in the domestic management of the hostel by a housekeeper as matron just like residential boarders.


It offers an exclusive approach to Education. Students learn, live, exercise and play together in a communal setting under adult supervision. Students live in dormitories or resident halls in the school’s campus. They are supervised by the members of the school staff. As a rule, Boarding students follow a highly structured day in which classes, meals, athletics, study times, activities and free time are predetermined for them.